Alea Portfolio


Consulting & Strategy

In healthcare & pharmaceutical consulting and strategy, consultants of ALEA Life Science put their international experiences and analysis methods as well as their industry-specific know-how in developing promising strategies at the client's disposal. These include market or benchmark analyses as well as concepts for a successful market entry in EU countries, but also in Russia, Ukraine, China, or India.

Experiences, methods and networks in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and private equity

The founding partners of ALEA Life Science have successfully developed and implemented turnaround and business development strategies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and other countries, both in a consultative capacity and with operational responsibility. Apart from experience, they therefore also have the necessary information sources and networks to prepare informative analyses and develop promising concepts – be it for strongly focused issues such as the optimisation of sales structures, or for complex tasks such as the development of turnaround strategies or a due diligence in preparation of a company sale or acquisition.

Among the players in the market where ALEA Life Science is active in strategy development and consulting are companies in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical technology sectors as well as nationally and internationally active investors in private equity.

Operations & Management

The founding partners of ALEA Life Science and their employees also offer businesses and pharmaceutical and healthcare companies operational implementation of developed strategies. This offer of active support is based on the founders' management expertise in corporate and turnaround management, reorganisation, sales, and marketing.

National and international interim management

In order to consistently pursue a promising strategic approach in the interest of the client, ALEA Life Science offers operational support including interim management. This could involve coordination functions in reorganisation processes as well as implementation of specific measures in business development or market entries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Eastern Europe, in Russia, the former CIS countries, or India and China. Practical experience gained from the operational responsibility for entire companies, for export management or sales management are an excellent basis for a productive cooperation with a client.

The founding partners of ALEA Life Science can also accept operational responsibility for turnaround processes.

Partnering & Licensing

The international competence in pharmaceuticals and healthcare as well as the practical experience of ALEA Life Science's founding partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Russia and other former CIS countries, in several Eastern European countries, and China and India form the sound foundation for ALEA Life Science's offering with regard to partnering and licensing.

Successful transnational projects and an international network as basis

There is a wide range of cross-national cooperations with specific growth potential for many companies. ALEA Life Science's range of services in this area spans from the search for suitable production and sales partners to the initiation of strategic cooperations and holdings to the support during the conclusion of promising licensing contracts.

Decisive success factors are choosing the right partners, a clean contract design in accordance with national customs, as well as a reliable implementation of the agreements. A cooperation with ALEA Life Science guarantees all of this.

Mergers & Acquisitions

To be successful in mergers & acquisitions requires not only an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors, but also experience in cooperating with investors from family offices and private equity companies. The dynamic markets of the healthcare industry are shaped by international groups as well as owner-managed traditional companies and fast-growing start-ups. This means that investors encounter very diverse corporate cultures and frequent new players. The potential for innovative products and services is often difficult to assess, and their value can usually only be determined if markets and competitive environments are well known.

Familiar with the industry and with PE

The founding partners of ALEA Life Science have an intimate knowledge of due diligences in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology and medical technology due to the large number of due diligence processes they have realised, thus deepening their industry know-how and their understanding of the M&A sector, as well as establishing contacts to national and international investors. ALEA Life Science offer their services to both buyers and sellers of companies or company shares. Whether private equity company or business angel, multinational group or owner-managed niche champion – preparing successful M&A transactions is part of ALEA Life Science's core business.