Megaproject Partnership with DCGM in Hainan, China

In a ceremony in the presence of government representatives and mayors of Hainan Island, China, the German-Chinese Society of Medicine and the corporate group First Investment Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for joint collaboration.
The First Investment Group is an important project sponsor active, among other things, in hospital construction and other health services in China. They seek to cooperate with partner companies in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology in Germany.

One of their goals is to establish Hainan as the flagship project “Health Island”.

This project is supported by the Chinese provincial government in Hainan.

Among other things, an electronic platform for medical data is to be created to develop a suitable and complete documentation of health data for every resident and an appropriate data management.

In addition, a “mega clinic” project is to be pushed forward to build first-class specialised medical installations and resources on the island.

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